October 18, 2008

One down - New life with new set of people

Lately I had been very lethargic to do another post. But during the today office Deepavali party I really felt that I have go and type it down. I had felt similarly before as well on certain occasions but had not been able to sit down on the computer to write a post :) I guess the reason was not that today's event led to my thoughts being more strong than they were before but the difference is that today is Saturday and I am not stressed out because of office work. Full day in office really saps me out of all energy. I don't why don't feel this as long as I am in office once I start to near my home on my way back I start to feel very very tired.
I guess the title of the post is very vague but then it's really for me and some people who really follow these posts on my blog.
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About 2 months now one of the director has since left to join another well known competitor bank who have not been hounded at all by recent financial turmoil globally. Behind all the good words he had to say in his farewell speech, story emerging from behind the curtain is that he felt that it's enough. Enough of useless unproductive politics. He was a my favorite of the two and a candid manager and leader. There was lot of hope when he was around of my organization coming back to past glorious days.
Only remaining king now was having a free hand to set things right. To twist and trun things so that there will no voice of dessent. All the while he had been putting all his people in critical positions though they had no experience about the work the organization was involved in doing. Only 2 of old people are their in his team as they showed comeplete loyality towards him. In fact these two gentlemen/ladies are such that they would lick any one up and look down upon anyone below them. There is another lucky guy in this director's team. He had planned his moves well and time too favored him. Though if we look at what he had achieved to deserve this - then there would be only failures to be shown without any success. But all this still got him the necessary visibility to fetch him a place as new Director's one down. I will not be surprised if new Director will not be able to turn things around then this lucky guy would one of the first people to leave the sinking ship. Of course the other one would be the Director him self as at my work place captain dont sink along with the ship. They only force others to sink with the ship and later as well by throwing staff out of the life-boat to make a place for them selves:)
Other important that affected me was that with the exit of the wanted director my boss to decided to move on. With this there was a set of staff including who were prized catch for others but none of us wanted to work with anyone around as over period none of them had shown the necessary leadership and managerial skill worth look upto. How ever none of us had a choice to moe out as department was in such a bad shape that BIG BOSS[Director 2 up] has closed all exits from our department. Only exit was to leave the bank. My boss relationship with BIG BOSS was good enough that he let him move as he subtly explained the stress relationship he had with the director who was now in charge of entire organization.
In todays party I felt like being in a new place. None of the old timer who have been forced to stay with the organization were present. In fact I was having running nose and heavy sneezing due to some allergy but I made it a point to go because I felt not going there would as well put me into the group who is not liking or supporting the new organization. With none of the old timer present in the party was a clear signal that they were not their in the department anymore with their heart and soul. They were just there like machines from which you will get good output as long as input is good. BIG BOSS too was there. I respect him for his organizational leadership and people management skills. I am sure he must have noticed this as it was so obvious. He would surely try to set things correct or find a way out for the department to succeed. There is no way that he can allow the organization to fail and then to replace the Director. Doing anything like this would be too costly for the bank. This department product is the face of the bank for customers through out the world.
Positive thing that I observed/felt about the party that new set of people were showing life and were gelling well. Now the thing is that it will depend upon how quickly they are able to learn the department's business and achieve it's old glory. As of now things seems to be settling down but as a 2nd grade compared to what the department was in it's shiny days. Having worked with a set of people who knew the job and systems, I feel so akward to work with a set of people, most of whom are 2nd grade. There is a growing urge to move to another department as I still feel like working with best team, building a great team and delivering mesmerizing stuff.
Please wish me LUCK so that I succeed in doing the same.

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