May 31, 2009

Can new government take India to what this lady observed

New governement is place, Financial world specifically stock market is rejoicing. I have an expectation on social front after reading the article below. Can Indian home minister take this an aspiriration and target for the Indian society.

Incident as observed by the lady :-

One day I went to see doctor with my younger son to my nearest clinic. Once I entered to the clinic a lady with no English tongue but she was trying to talk with my son. Old ladies generally love to talk n play with young kids. 

All of sudden I saw few Singapore police officer entered into the clinic and they were enquiring about that lady. I was waiting there for my turn to see the doc. So I had time to listen their conversation carefully. The old lady could not speak English so one of the clinic attendants at the counter was explaining about her case to the Police.

That lady was holding a piece of paper and few sentences were written on that paper. Definitely I could not read her letter but I heard from the attendant of the clinic.

Attendant explained to the police officer that old lady had a minor an accident by a SBS transit bus (that lady had mentioned bus no also in her letter) so her leg was injured. I could not see the extent of that injury but I could see the bandage on her leg and she could walk also. So doctor were advising him to go to hospital and take an x-ray in order to check in detail but that lady was not willing to go to hospital because of financial reason.

Police, nurse and doctor started discussing her problem that how to help her. Finally they decide to take to the hospital but at whose cost? One of the senior police officer advise that they will give a memo written to hospital explain about her case and request hospital management  to see her without any fee for time being and police will claim all the charges to bus company and they will debit to the hospital account. Next problem was who will take her to the hospital? Police officer said they will take her to the hospital.

One more conversation I saw there between police officer and doctor. Doctor were complaining about police service as doctor had called them on 999 but no body came to his hospital within an hour or more. Since they knew nearest police station no so they call them directly. In addition doctor said why you police dept announce everywhere to call 999 for any help if you can not provide that service. Police was quite and apologized to the doctor.

I was surprised to see this case. Police at Singapore is so kind and helpful to the public. I can not imagine it if it can ever be so in my country.

May 16, 2009

Praise for Indian Election Machinery and past glory

This article from a NY journalist praises Indian elections and the challenges it poses. Of course it's a great feat and is well deserved. How ever down the line like every other one of us delves into past for search of more motivation. I hope that 10 years down the line some one writing such an article wont have to go into past of Indian greatness. He will get 90% of the contents from the late 20th and in force 21st century. Thanks to a friend who sent the article to me on mail.

Though I would say thanks primarily to EC and T. N. Seshan which gave the body self respect to stand against the politician/political parties and play an important role in Indian polity.

Article follows :--

It is truly the greatest show on Earth, an ode to a diverse and democratic ethos, where 700 million + of humanity vote, providing their small part in directing their ancient civilization into the future. It is no less impressive when done in a neighborhood which includes de-stabilizing and violent Pakistan , China , and Burma. Its challenges are immense, more so probably than anywhere else, particularly in development and fending off terrorism -- but considering these challenges and its neighbors, it is even more astounding that the most diverse nation on Earth, with hundreds of languages, all religions and cultures, is not only surviving, but thriving. The nation where Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism were born, which is the second largest Muslim nation on Earth; where Christianity has existed for 2000 years; where the oldest Jewish synagogues and Jewish communities have resided since the Romans burnt their 2nd temple; where the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan government in exile reside; where the Zorastrians from Persia have thrived since being thrown out of their ancient homeland; where Armenians and Syrians and many others have to come live; where the Paris-based OECD said was the largest economy on Earth 1500 of the last 2000 years, including the 2nd largest only 200 years ago; where 3 Muslim Presidents have been elected, where a Sikh is Prime Minister and the head of the ruling party a Catholic Italian woman, where the President is also a women, succeeding a Muslim President who as a rocket scientist was a hero in the nation; where a booming economy is lifting 40 million out of poverty each year and is expected to have the majority of its population in the middle class, already equal to the entire US population, by 2025; where its optimism and vibrancy is manifested in its movies, arts, economic growth, and voting, despite all the incredible challenges and hardships; where all the great powers are vying for influence, as it itself finds its place in the world. Where all of this is happening, is India , and as greater than 1/10 of
humanity gets ready to vote, it is an inspiration to all the World. 

May 10, 2009

Queue for getting capital punishment

We all know India is soon going to take over China as most populous country. Though India stands far behind when it comes to top countries in terms of land area.......So there is natually queue for every product or services that the republic can provide to its citizen or even foreigner. Justice and punishment being one amongst those !!!

Now the funny part. Top Indian political leader [assumed to be future prime minister] says that there is queue in India for even getting hanged :))

Quote/Unquote from a address at  a rally at Mohali in Punjab :-
"There is a huge line and there are others before him. When his number (turn) comes, he will be hanged.
Democracy makes power hungry people do and say crazy things :))