October 20, 2008

Amway & BWW - One of the $ pipeline

There was 2 day event organized by BWW to teach how to excel in AMWAY biz model. I couldn't attend 1st day because of unexpected allergy leading to nasal imflamation and sneezing. Though I really wanted to attend the event - actual reason behind it was building network instead of really excelling in the AMWAY biz. In the post below I am not going to typically bragg about how AMWAY biz model works and flount about how a nice way it is to make money. I am sure many a blogs would have been written about it. I am going to just put down what I saw on the 2nd day in the FED[Free Enterprise Day] event organized by BWW.

Definitely of this 6 hours event each day, I attended only 3-4 hours but it met the purpose for me. Though it's called "Free Ent..... Day" - It actually costs SGD75/- to get an entry ticket for all the 5 sessions on both day. There is no way that you can buy tickets for 1/2 of the total 5 session. There was a big and very energetic crowd at the venue. People were full of energy and they were all dancing around the floor in between the sessions. Achievers in the AMWAY biz were the speakers and sought after people who the entired crowd wanted to emulate. It indeed fetches good money if you succeed in the biz. There were mngmt pro, bankers, engineers, Doctors, Lawyers, house wives, students, marketing pro, etc..... in the crowd. It means it all it takes is common sense to participate in it. Model is based on human networking and self use of the products from AMWAY or marketed by AMWAY.
What I liked about the event is that so many people being present at the event with not many a raised hands for first timer means that many people were persisting with the biz and were some money, though some had made huge amount of money.
What I liked about the event is that many a professional in this associated biz were from different walks of life which in turns means it's definitely possible to carry it on as a side biz and should be fine if I devote less than 5-6 hours per week.
Over the period definitely it will mean improved network which would prove beneficial later in profession and other $pipeline I will like to build.
Intial investment is very minimal - in fact just one time registration fee. I am not paying this fee over web to a party I dont know so I know I am thorwing away this small sum of money.
Some of the speakers did make fun of the highly energetic behavior of the crowd re-inforcing that it takes discipline and planned approach instead of just sheer brut force to make it good in the biz.

I have joined the crowd and have registered for the biz. Please pray GOD for me that I successfully create $ pipeline out of this AMWAY and build many more pipelines.

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Abinash said...

Any business model which has the effect across the croud means it has some basic simple ingredients. I don't know about the AMWAY. But as you were speaking about the energetic crowd and all walks of people, it kinda reflected me that it is based on some very simple facts which everybody is able to relate and understand :) Good luch.