November 28, 2008

Mumbai Terror attacks - Innocent Pakis should move to safer grounds

I guess Indian leaders and other world leaders are putting lot of time and energy into rooting out terror from the world map. Either the terrorists have been better than the world leaders or the world leaders aren't much better than the terrorists as a result terrorism have been flourishing around the world.

While coming to the recent Mumbai terrorist attacks most of prominent world leaders active in world politics have given their reaction and solidarity towards in-efficient Indian goverment and reverred Indians. What I found missing was no coverage in media about reaction from China and Russia. Either I am missing some media coverage or something is seriously wrong which kind of is suggesting that Terrorism is here to stay for foreseeable. Those of you who are interested to know the details and the events after recent Mumbai killing and hotel seizure by PAK based ISI linked terrorist organization, there is compiled list of coverage on the same. Click here to open the link.

Anyway while this is on-going I am thinking about the Pakistanis - I am sure a lot them would have been thinking that there is no future for them in their own country which has demons like ISI & and the country army sitting to nip the humanity in the buds when ever it starts to take shape. So option is moving out of their own country and working out a better future for their kids and future generation. Their nation has been so badly publicized that most of nations where some one can hope for a decent living look at any one from Pakistan with a suspicion. What to do - I suggest the Pakis to take it in their stride. People can choose friends and not parents. In this case because of their birth place they have to accept that there are dangerous radicals in their homeland who have spoilt the name of an entire nation. Still don't give up hope and keep trying to look for what ever decent work you can get outside. Those of the pakis who are rich should definitely move out of the country. Their wealth should help them and family to secure visas of other humanity friendly and civilised nations. If they see good biz opportinuty in their country and don't want to move out, I will suggest them still to rethink their decisions. As they can still do biz with in Pakistan keeping themselves and their loved ones in a safe and prosperous neighborhood. Even their money and biz will be more secure as Paki goverment whether run by a rouge or benign people will protect them as without this they can't go out begging for alms once in a year or so. As they have roots in pakistan they will have the benefit of able to connect to masses as the public does not care the biz owner has Paki passport or not. Public at most considers if they can speak their language and can connect to their civil culture or not. If required even consider relocating to China and India before flying to different shores.
Good luck my Pakistani bro & sis !!!!