February 20, 2009

Life is the impurity sorrounded by purity all around

I was off the office early today and so here to pen down this thought which was going on with in me for so many days/months. This post is really going to gel with the title of this blog site which seems to be related to cosmos and universe and basic nature of all the PURITY called life[IMPURITY] can see, feel and hear and interact with in what ever possible way. This may also wound bizzare to many as every new thing to start with is though of.

Let's think of it. When we refer to as "WE", "I", "OUR", "YOU", "YOUR", "THEIR", etc -- this is when we refer to something non tangible and so we loose the same as well with time. When is it lost when a living thing becomes dead. Mostly spiritual teachings of all forms in almost all part of world refer to it the SOUL/only pure thing and this is what all living thing associate them selves to. I call this IMPURITY and every thing else as PURITY. Even any interaction between IMPURITY is not possible without touching the PURITY, what is EXCHANGED between IMPURITY as well is PURITY. I will unravel this complexity down the line in post but this is the truth and IMPURITIES have to accept this PURITY of nature that they have been trying to make IMPURE. After thinking about it for so many days/months and finally able to write it down I feel what I am arguing is correct way of looking at things. To understand this I have to explain it with some standard facts which will need very basic understanding of physics. 

It's well know fact/law that ENERGY and MASS are one and same and interchangeable. Mass is what everything around us is. MASS and ENERGY combined is what we see, what we feel, what we hear, what we cant see, what we cant hear, what we cant feel. Everything all around is encompassed with and are these two forms of PURITY. Nothing escapes this except one thing which is the IMPURITY among all these PURITY which has a  expression in nature either in form of MASS or ENERGY or a combination of these forms of PURITY. PURITY cant be destroyed and can only be either changed into ENERGY or back into MASS. They are PURE. What goes missing at times unable to do away anything to the PURITY is the IMPURITY is what makes something lively or widely known as SOUL. Now if this is sounding complex and untrue, you are welcome to show as comment one example where you observe a violation and I will be able to correct you as to where you have gone wrong in your analysis.

While what I have mentioned above is the only truth but what ever else I am mentioning down may or may not be truth. These are only my hypothesis :-
[1] IMPURITY always tries to keep itself unchanged or maintain it's state. Though this may not be possible and it will be thrown out of the PURITY soup at some point in time. In other words in past there was no life[IMPURITY] in entire universe in past and in future as well there will be no life[IMPURITY].
[2] IMPURITY finds PURITY fascinating and tries to create more IMPURITY but this is myth. IMPURITY is not able to sustain myriad possibilities and ways PURITY is able to express it self.

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