December 31, 2008

Thoughts during transitions 2008 gives way to 2009

Was awake to catch some of the events that have been witnessed in Yr 2008 in TV. Though I didn't find anything such on any of the channels which are trying to capture and ponder upon all the events of yr 2008 in an hour special or something. In fact print and electronic media do a much better job in this regard. Ended up watching the fireworks across the globe with New Zealand[Auckland] starting and following it up were others nations from east to west. Aussies, Japaneese, Koreans, Chinese, Malaysians....and of course Singapore. I stay here so I would watch others tomorrow morning. So I thoughts of putting down thoughts which were criss-crossing my mind while watching the countdown. Very-very varied thoughts I guess !!!!
[1] SETI :- It's new year. Earth's completing one revolution around SUN. If there any other intelligent form of life other than humans on earth or anywhere in universe capable of obsering our planet, they would definitely be observing something unusual as entire Earth will be lit by firework serially which is directly opposite to Sun[mid night] when it's suppose to be darkest spot on the planet. May be they would think it's a cycle which this planet has started going thru recently and it's getting stronger and stronger every cycle. As in each subsequent years fireworks is a notch above the previous years. No other event is celebrated in the same spirit as arrival of new year on Gregorian Calendar !!!!
[2] Human tendency to ignore weak :- While the countdown they touched upon some of the biggest events to have happened last[I am 22 minutes into 2009 now :)]. They mentioned about loss of life because of Sinchuan earthquake in China which claimed so many lifes. In deed it was one of the most tragic event to happen in recent history to so much loss of human life and of course property. My thought immediately went to Burmeese Cyclone as the loss of life in Myanmar because of deadly cyclone was much more than loss of life in China. It deserved a mention unless and until loss of life for people of Myanmar doesn't count as much as loss of a life in China. I guess this imbalance is because of poor economic standing of MYANMAR !!!
There was mention of loss of life of a Singaporean in the Mumbai terrorist killings. It certainly was the biggest terrorist event of the year 2008. Thought that came to my mind is that Pakistan is doomed and it will cause a lot of pain to the unaware and innocent citizens of Pakistan as the state has become a hotbed and birth place of terrorism. I have remarkably observed that many of the predictions based on astrology have been true that print/electronic media publishes on the last day of the year. This time I read that by end of Yr 2009 Pakistan will become a failed state and will be on brink of collapse economically and socially leading to civil unrest. I suggest all innocent Pakistanis to spread the word and leave the country to save themselves from the incoming pain and tragedy. I think even moving to IRAQ and AFGANISTAN is a better option than staying on in Pakistan. God bless and save the innocent and punish the culprits.
[3] It's a FALSE world :- This thought came to me when mention of Mumbai terrorist incident leading to the death of lone Singaporean was mentioned. Singapore and the entire world is definitely standing in the side of INDIA in this event and watching the moves of Pakistan. Still the world at large doesn't say this. Most of the nations are trying to see their own benefits in the course of things. CHINA wants to establish itself by showing sidelining with PAKSITAN. AMERICA & UK wants to see that two birds are killed in one shot. Perpetrators of the terrorists acts gets punished but it's doesn't add any additional cost in terms of American life in the war raging in AFGANISTAN. SINGAPORE supports CHINA because of the economic clout that CHINA weilds but it makes a subdued noise during the tainted milk saga from Chinese exports. It knows that incidents unfolding in Mumbai does affect lives in SINGAPORE much.
In fact you would see this human nature being exhibited in almost every thing every where. It's all done with a facade using nice acronyms for these activities. Let's move to the work place. There is no co-relation with what is put on paper and what the truth is on ground. If this had not been the case world economy would have been in chaos. A year back all banks and FIs were reporting growth and profits and now they have gone bankrupt. Same risk management pratices which audited and found sound and working were declared to have failed and source of problem.
Another example from corporate world. What one writes in resume/bio-data, talks in interviews is vastly different from what he/she has been doing. You will know this if you ask a friend/colleague who has recently switched job and then he would tell you he tailored his resume as per job spec and answered what the interviewer wanted to hear.
Anyways...Enough of now... Wish you all a happy and prosperous 2009.

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