September 7, 2008

My flu made me think of this

These days I have been a bit more busy and occupied mentally because of mutating equations in the office. Before I understand and develop an antibody to fight the opposition, equation mutates itself to infect me and others around :)

I had a nastly flu and I am still recovering from it. I am on M/C today so could find some time to type this post. I have a bad habit and an urge to attend office when ever possible, because of this I am in office at times even when I have a M/C in my pocket. This time I tooo did the same. I took only 1/2 a day M/C when I should have had gone for 2/3 day of rest and the result was that after a delay of about a week, I came down with heavy headache, vohmittting and body pain. Well, everyone knows what is the lesson lesson learnt from this, but will I correct my self. Will I stay at home when there is need to stay :))
Anyway the thought which is crossing my mind is not related to my work & office and the field I work in at all. But related to medicine and microbiology. I have an interest in almost all things/subject/field arouond the world. You see name of this blogsite is "Aakaashganga" - Milky Way. Universe is an exiciting thing to read and know about. So is everything - Physics, Chem, Bio, His, Geo, Eco, Fin.. etc... Now days I even find Political Science intertesting :))
So All of know that flu is a viral infection and it infects us time to time if our immune system is not strong enough to cope with new Virus infection. We have also seen that it infects us during WINTER and RAINY seson more. In the WINTER season though what we suffer from may be flu like sypmtoms but may not be a viral flu. How ever in tropics and equator side during rainy season flu which spreads is definitely viral. Since entire population suffer more during this season, could it be that VIRUS MUTATES itselfs FASTER IN THESE CONDITIONS - HOT & HIGH HUMIDITY. As it's well known that once a virus has attacked, it wont be able to inflict any more damage in our life time unless and until the subject is HIV positive.
Any one of you who knows more on this subject, please let me know if my thoughts are correct or could be correct.

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