August 8, 2008

Mobile phone habits - better be safe

It has been a long time. Was very deeply involved in the work. Successfully got the project to an end. In the time developing spiritually too. I will talk about it some time later.
Today I saw this nice piece of advice coming out on CNN website about safe way to using mobile and cell phones. I am sure you all must have read many survey/studies and their results about relationship between brain activities and how brain is affected because of radiation from cell phone. Some studies claim brain cancer and high cell phone usage are related while others claim it's not. So there is no clear verdict regarding it. After all it's related to huge cell-phone industry and they will let the biz die so easily.
Some say strict no-no to carrying cellphone in your pocket because it roasts the bone marrow near it because of the radiation. So, will the man kind stop using cell-phones :) No of course not.. If there is problem or a probable problem then there is a solution or a probable solution. It's well known that cancer or tumor is a slow activities and takes at least 10s of years to manifest but it does it's deadly. So let be safe and continue to use mobile and cell phone to our advantage for social/economical reasons. Here is the advice from :-
[if the below text is not clear - just click on it for it to appear in proper font.]

Hope it was useful and healthy for all of you !!!!!

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Anonymous said...

there is a chip available to counter it. check this link