June 19, 2010

(Incomplete) Reality - Limitation of Human Mind

Few days back my wife was telling me about ghost stories(or is it reality) that her colleagues had told her. In brief she was told about the experience of her old colleagues - few of whom are still working with her in their Singapore suntec office and few of whom have been transferred to other countries but all of them involved with the ghost affair are still with the firm. She called up to ask the transferred colleagues if what she has been told is right about their experiences :) I guess it's natural for we folks to do so as ghostly stuff are not a common phenomenon in day to day life here in Singapore or in urban India.
All her colleagues has two common things in their narration - (1)Presence of colorful moving shadow on the wall/curtain (2)Anklet and key ring chimes reverberating in the office
Somethings which again is common in their narration but they didn't tell but I could infer it after hearing it from my wife are - (1) All of them experienced this para normal behavior late in night while working still in office (2) They were alone in office
and as usual the story goes that except one guy no one had experienced it thrice as they didn't had the fortitude to face it again after a repeat, so mostly late and lonely workers/staffs have experienced it twice. How ever one of them seems to really brave enough to ignore and focus on work of course with help of alcohol in spite of these scary events around him or rather especially for him:) he has lost count how many times he has experienced this phenomenon.

In fact I too have one close experience that I didn't know was a ghostly paranormal experience till next day. Let me put this in brief. I was born a village bumpkin and then put on to a school in city to become smarter as it's felt that I guess rightly so(when measured in terms of monetary wealth) city dwellers are smarter and wiser than villagers. I use to love the long summer and winter vacations that we use to get in my boarding school. And in teens listening to local radio playing just(soon to be) released Bollywood numbers was satisfying and thrilling. So there I was lying on a cot in a hut amongst the village greenery about 200 meters away from the thick village settlement. Radio was tuned in to "vividh bharati" and placed on the earthen floor below the cot. One of the village boy around 4 years younger to me comes running and rushing to the hut and tries to get beside me, rather hide behind me on the cot. There was another empty cot lying there, it would been a more comfortable place to lie down and enjoy the Bollywood music for some time before having some food and sitting for a few hours of playing cards session. More ever I was a little amazed that instead of strolling thru the paddy fields he had come running... anyways.. So I told him let me rest in piece and you go and lie down on the empty cot and don't talk - just listed to the songs. He didn't say anything just looked into me as if he didn't like me asking him to move on to other cot. So I thought let me give up this cot to him and told him that I will be back in 15 minutes. I am going to tube-well ahead for a dip in fresh under ground water. He just nodded his head and I proceeded towards the tube-well. Another 200 meters farther away from the tube-well lies the village crematorium. And in about 15-20 minutes I was strolling back towards the hut. Breeze was nice and cool, It had rained the day before but rain was not enough so all diesel tube-wells were on duty pumping to water thirsty paddy plantations. Now when I imagine it feels like it's a different world and pleasure to walk on the grassy ribs separating the paddy fields amongst the natural greenery when summer is not at the peak and in rains in between but not enough to create mud pools all around the village. And I see this guy who had disturbed me on cot running towards the tub-well. I called out for him but it seems as if he had gone dumb. I called out again..no response. He kept his pace towards the tube-well. then I thot of chasing and catching him up to ask. and I did so... when I was holding his hand which he was trying to get free and asking - Tell me what happened, where are you going.. no response except for some muffled incomprehensible sound. After 2-3 minutes when my questions didn't yielded any result and I got confused my self - I pulled/dragged him towards the village and handed over to his folks. I rushed to the hut to listen to sweet Bolly numbers :)
And next day I meet this guy again - and I have heard in mean time that When I handed over, he was possessed. I asked him - what had happened yesterday. He candidly explained me - I was bemused !!!! He told me - He came running to the hut because the spirit was chasing him and so he wanted to hide beside me. Then I asked why he didn't tell me that yesterday I would have helped him (I was a hero - I dont know If I am ;)). He tells me that he couldn't think that I am not able to see the spirit who was standing standing beside the cot waiting to get hold of him. For some reason the spirit was not touching him when he was in contact with me. And as soon as I left (In fact I had just walked passed the spirit when I got up to go to the tube-well), spirit challenged him - So now...what do you do !!!! He doesn't remember anything there after.

In fact there are many stories but these two are something which are not stories but reality.

Reason I am writing above story is not to say ghosts (what ever you call) it exists and is TRUE/REAL. Over time in last few years, I have got to kind of understand that we humans have developed this concept of REAL/UNREAL. By doing this we have boxed our self. As soon as we feel/think something as UNREAL we box/close ourselves. Boxing something or in other words drawing a boundary is the way to go when you want to achieve or work on a specific stuff and want to achieve a given result/outcome. In general we all have to keep our self open. Open to something like ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. If this thought hasn't been in your head/mind then it may be more difficult to accept. If you plant this up now and then with time you will see this idea taking root and you will start to see everything rhyming and synchronous with this thought all around you.

Think of it - earlier EARTH was thot to be center of universe. At that time everyone who would have thot themselves to be wise would say REALITY is - Earth is center of universe. Then it must have taken some effort to break this notion and say no SUN is center of universe. What was once REALITY in mind of humans became UNREAL but REALITY still remained and now this context as sun in center of universe. With time what was once REALITY became UNREAL but a new REALITY emerged and concept of REALITY still remained and now it took the form as milky-way is all that exist and sun is one amongst the few billion stars in milky-way. Then came the concept and REALITY as people believe is today universe is ever expanding and milky-way is one amongst the billion galaxies floating away. So this cycle will continue. If you think of it this pattern of new discovery will apply in every walk of life. Your home, office, Medicine, sociology, psychology, human/animal behavior etc...

It's just instinctively we humans all start of put something as REAL. In other words we start to classify somethings as FALSE/UNREAL. We need to accept and start to live with the thought ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. At times task on hand would be to explain what was observed or what is being observed. At times task would be to predict what would happen in future given certain set of input. These are the times when you can draw boundary and work in limits of those boxes.

There should be nothing what we should call as LAW, everything should remain as THEORIES. These theories hold true under certain boundary. i.e. boxes have been drawn and these will likely hold if the boxes and boundaries have not been violated and boundaries and boxes have been understood and drawn correctly. What intelligent man kind had learnt and thought of as newtons law of motion and gravitation fails to explain movement of certain planets and where as Einstein's relativity theory predicts and explains all of these including bending of lights in a picture perfect way it fails to explain sub atomic particle movement and behavior. If you see what is happening is that human kind was looking at something as solution to explain and define new REALITY and he stumbles upon something what remains unexplained. So it may be at certain time what man observes can well be explained by certain theories but again mistake has been made to recreate REALITY. Sooner or later it will fall apart. So it's best to realize and work based on notion ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

Thought of REALITY makes the human mind to go to rest. Like seeking for a long long vacation as I am ever in search of:) REALITY creates a limitation for our mind and psyche to stop thinking. It's what brings us to the illusion that we now know the TRUTH and REALITY. I feel there is no TRUTH, no REALITY.

Seems like I am still confused and sorry to have confused you - but I hope the idea has been planted and you will start seeing things from this view point.

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