December 12, 2009

Dubai - Pakistan & India. India should fund social projects in Pakistan.

This thought is of mine is not a very positive things but then truth if it seems to be then lets face it. After all many of reader will like it as well as not most of the human actions & thoughts are positive for fellow mens and society in general. Few days back I had read an article about how Keynes[father of modern economic] had predicted long back that working hours will keep reducing and reducing over time and at this time[21st century beginning] it should have been about 30 hours per week in Europe. He had put his arguments based on GDP growth and positive human ingenuity thinking and behavior. While the assumptions he had made to come to the conclusions seems to have been correct and achieved end result hasn't been achieved. I guess that negative thoughts and behaviors of human wasn't taken into account while making the forecast by Keynes.

Anyways this piece of blog is about living in peace and harmony and letting entrepreneurial instincts take over. Things that make the society better place to live over time. But all thing comes in pair so when we talk of these stuffs how can terrorism and associated stuff and under world be not discussed which are detrimental to society and bizes. Peace vs Terrorism & Entrepreneurship vs Under world.

India in year 2009 hasn't seen major terrorist activities. I hope remaining 20 days December will pass peacefully, if that doesn't happen it means my thoughts mentioned below are not correct. Let me tell you why??? Pakistan has been too pre-occupied with its own internal problems. They have been trying to deal with friend turned foes internally. As both friends are not able to come together to strike at the common beacon shining across Indians are thriving and turning around the dark 2008 into bright 2009 and 2010. I wont term India as their common enemy as India has remained focussed on mending it's own things instead of bombing what makes it [Infra]structure break and what makes it citizens/guests cry in pain. Forces on the other side think India as enemy as they cant shine like how their neighbor is of whom they think of one like them. So they cant see India moving away from the pack and start to shine bright. In fact to some extent even Chinese state has this mentality. they have prospered but still don't like to see their neighbor prospering. But I guess Chinese people are a fine lot and don't subscribe to such negative thoughts. But then China is not a democracy so Chinese state thought will take time to change when a new generation of leaders come in and current generation becomes too old to run the country.
Associated with these are D-world. With Dubai having been shaken[Dubai world debt fiasco] and Pakistan under fire from with in they as well are in dis-array. Newspaper articles shows that they have crossed their peak and are waning. After all the bis bosses had to start participating in O&T activities instead of heading the strategic units and M&A division.

Now let me put some data to support what I am telling. India had seen following cities under attack in 2008.
Mumbai - November
Guwhati - October
Dellhi - September
Ahmedabad - July
Jaipur - May
Even one towards end of 2007 in August in Hyderabad. Of course 2007 and before Indian society and bizes had done pretty well and Indian leaders were being magnanimous in accommodating Pakistan. So this had resulted in some prosperity. This lead to wealth creation and then of course funding the activities that we all saw manifesting itself as the terror on Indian in 2008.

So it makes sense for Indian bizes and society to keep diverting a part of money to keep Islamabad occupied in it's own soil and other places like Afghanistan. Keep funding humanitarian and other project for public interests and these negative forces will remain engaged and destroying them. They will let India succeed as they cant see Afghanistan rising at any costs. In their psyche they may have accepted India as something which is set to go up and would have given up on running after it even they have something more simple to bring down. On the same lines I guess like US India should start funding some projects of public interests in Pakistan as well.

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