May 3, 2008

Hypermilling - Chip in to save earth and reduce emission

This is not an new concept but not too old an concept either. Hypermilling is becoming increasingly popular among drivers who are cost savvy and who are environment conscious. Undoubtebly it's catching everyones attention because of cost saving but think of it - amount of cost you save you contribute equally to save mother earth by reducing CO2 emission and other associated vehicular exhaust emission. Less fossil fuel you burn less you pollute. To me this is the biggest advantage of hypermilling.
I will not be explaining in detail about what hypermilling is as there is lot of material on internet to know how to get started and save your purse and the environment. I will still touch the basic steps so that my friends who read this and did not have time to read other related articles will still start praticing this concept to save money and mother earth. More about that down the line in susequent paragraphs.
Let close our eyes for about 5 to 10 minutes and go back in time as far as we can. You would be seeing your self as a kid playing in the park, walking across field, running across streets. You might be seeing your teenage years along with your favorite bunch of friends or that one special friend and sweetheart of yours walking across the spring holding hand trying to find a cosy corner for romantic chat. Are you with your bunch of favorite friends fishing and cycling. Or is it that you are getting across for shade against the huge tree and enjoying a ball game among mates passing to each other trying to hide from the blazing Sun. If you are old enough you might be seeing yourself teaching your kid at park or fountain or in the mooring who has grown into handsome or beautifull adult human being over time. Okay!!!! Let's come back from the dream. Do you still see those fixtures and natural stuff around you which you had enjoyed once with your lovely companions years back. Chances are that half of those stuff are not around any more. So looks like with time world has been slowly loosing beautifull things in the quest of economic growth and leaving us environmentally poor. If we continue at this pace which seems slow we may not leave what ever remaining left for future generation. Our future generation will be left even more poorer environmenatlly. Is this what we want to do? Don't we want our future generation to live in a more beautifull and natural world with good health and vigour and even longer life span. If you want and cherish all this, please act and be religiously serious about the environmental degradation that is happening around us and negative impact it's having on human life in terms of health and quality. Now lets learn some of the tricks of hypermilling amongst many other activities and ways to save environement and mother earth. After all human as an intelligent creature deserves to live longer on earth. If you compare time humans have been the dominant species on earth it's to small to other dominant species in past like Dinosaurus.
So here are tricks of hypermiling. If you start praticing, you will get nearly 30% more mileage from the tank fills and your purse will start filling 30% heavier and air you breathe will start getting 30% better in quality.
1) Start calculating your vehicle's MPG[Miles per Gallon]. Of course this is not going to increase the MPG performance for your vehicle but you will start becoming conscious and this is what you will measure you hypermiling performance against. How to calculate MPG? Try to crunch the numbers in your mind as you drive away from each gas station fillup.
2) Are you braking a lot? Possibly like other drivers you are applying breaks 10% to 25% more than what is required. To avoid this maintain adequate gap with the vehicle in your front. Braking turns motion into heat via the friction of the brakes, slowing down your car. Fuel was used by your engine to achieve motion. While driving if you can let up some of your thoughts and focus more on driving. Focussing more on driving will lead to apply less brakes.
3) How long is your engine running and your vehicle is static? Minimize the time that you spend with your car stopped. You get ZERO MPG when this happens. Let your foot off the accelerator the moment you see a red light in front of you. And think ahead, even if you don't see a red light: maybe there is a big street coming up, or maybe there is a 'stale' green light. The moment you see brakelights in front of you, take your foot off of the accelerator pedal, or hit the cancel button on your cruise control.
4) Are you in a traffic Jam or creating one? Learn to break traffic Jam. If you master this art of driving smoothly and breaking traffic waves you are not just saving some dollars slip out of your purse but because of you others too are saving their dollars and imagine how immensly you are contributing towards reducing fossil fuel emission. Entire fleet of cars and vehicles behind you are suddenly saving more than 50% of their fuel. So this *article* by William Beaty an electrical engineer in 1998 has the tricks. These have been proven in experiments too. Thanks for prarticing these driving techniques and giving us all clean air to breathe.
5) Fast accelerating burn more fuel. Do you really need to zoom off - I guess no. If you can control your testesterone and urge to zoom off you can save some precious fossil fuel. If you drive an automatic transmission vehicle give an extra second of pause when you switch between break pedal to accelerator pedal. If takes less energy and hence less fuel to speed up a moving object comapred to a static object. Accelearting a bit slowly will enhance the MPG significantly. This is the number you are gunning for a cleaner environment and lesser fuel cost for your trips.
6) Cruise Control. It's not for highways only. Mix it with item#4 above. Cruise control allows for slow accleration and brakes. This means less fuel requirement for doing the same job. How ever please master the cruise control functions of your vehicle before you start using it. Safety comes topmost in driving. Few things about cruise control - it work only above a certain speed. Once you apply the break pedal it's gets disengaged. How does cruise control work?

Thanks for reading thru this. Please pratice and share this article with friends and save mother earth and our environment. Help in the effort to reduce global warming.

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