April 17, 2008

Tibet - Olympics - Chinese Human Rights Record

Olympic is the time when China is getting a lot of attention about it human rights abuse. Seeing over recent past and some of statistics, I feel there is something that Chinese can do make people all over the world more comfortable. Lets look at few of these :-
[1] China does not give journalist and media freedom to report and cover events live from it's territory. When problems started in Lhasa on 10th March like in past China started with banning foreign journalist from going to Tibet region. Media in the Chinese territory is in anyway under government control and it decides what to be known to public and world. This many times leads to reports or cases which is and are worse than ground reality. If Chinese government feel what it is doing is the correct thing in case of any event unfolding on it's territory it should allow journalist to report and relay live to keep the world over aware. This has advantages like healthy criticism of government and even NGOs who are always involved in human tragedies world over. Chinese rulers keep thwarting any international comments saying don't involve in internal matter. I think this is one of most important that needs to be changed to get China more integrated to the world socially and politically. Chinese communities living the world over are lovely people and have these in them inherently. They need to tell their relatives back home on main land about this and help them on this.
[2] Chinese support to other rulers who are perceived as human right perpetrators. Chinese are providing support to Darfur in Africa, Junta in Myanmar and Pakistan, Autocrats in North Korea and perceived fundamentalists in Iran. I think there are many more such instances in Africa which lets the world to look upon Chinese rulers as close to demons. All these just sends wrong signal about Chinese rulers to the world at large. Even if Chinese forces would not have dealt high handedly in Tibet to crush the Tibetian protesters in absence of allowing media world over to capture the events it will definitely be perceived so. It's akin to Chinese government thinking world at large is colluding against China if there are support to protesters around the world. China must allow Social and Human values a place along with its economic interests and desire to remain in control of 1/5th of world human population.
[3] I have so many friends who are Chinese. I have so many colleagues who are Chinese. I perceive them as great thinking individuals who love peace and prosperity. They shun violence more than other races of world be it Western civilizations, Middle East, Indian peninsula. I don't know many Africans so can not compare them against Africans. In spite this when you compare China outnumbers it's distant second Iran in Capital punishment. According to an news channel during the Olympics itself about 350 will face the gallows. In yr 2007 officially 470 people were executed in China where as the unofficial estimates puts it at 8000. I think world's oldest civilization and people at land of cradle of most of the ancient knowledge deserves better.
[4] Perceived belief that Chinese government does not all religious freedom. Though Chinese constitution allow religious freedom to Chinese population on ground religious teachings and followers have been reported to suffer a lot. It is widely reported and believed that this manifestation of Chinese government towards all major religions in China is because they perceive it as a threat to their throne and to remain in power in future. Chinese government feels that religious freedom is allowing democratic behaviors to take root and external contact which fuels these even faster.
So, is it that like Zimbabwe and Mynamar, Chinese rulers are just trying to remain in power for ever. If it's so it will taste the character of our Chinese brethren. I believe Chinese population and civilization is good and smart enough to out do any oppression for long.

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