March 27, 2008

Going for pin hole heart surgery

I have finished my pre admission test to get admitted into NUH[National University Hospital]. NUH is one of the well known hospital in Singapore. Next week I would be under going a surgery to preempt possible infection or chances of turning a benign muscular growth malignant. Thanks to advancement in medical science that it will not be an open surgery. It will be done using a technology what is called as "Pin hole surgery". As per surgeons this allows the patient to heel and recover faster as the wound[cut from surgery] is smaller. There are lesser chances of any infection as the area exposed to open air is much smaller given the smaller cut.
I have to go for this surgery to remove some muscular growth between food pipe, arota[this is the main artery coming out of heart] and heart. To explain a little more arteries are the blood vessels in we humans which carry blood from heart to all other body parts. Hearing of such a surgery to your known ones sounds a bit scary. My parents, well-wishers, wife, kids, friends and colleagues are all a bit worried. They are all putting prayers for me before God for fast re-ceovery and every thing gets done smoothly as per surgeons plan. Some not so close people who are aware of it are giving a kind of sympathetic look.
As of even today I hardly feel worried/tense about the major invasion surgeons would be doing on me beside such an in important body organ[Heart]. Anyone looks up with ear focussed and searching for the words to hear about any talk of heart surgery. I have been thinking and trying to analyze why it is so that I am not at all worried about it.
I have taken leave from my work 10 calendar days before the surgery so that my immune system becomes strong to recover and cope up with the additional demand surgery will exert on the body's immune system. I will be on 5-6 weeks of leave after the surgery as well. This will include about 2 week of stay in hospital. I am still happy with the thought of not attending office for such a long period of time.
I think the office has been draining me so much that I don't feel at all worried about going through surgery. In stead I am happy that I will not have to attend office. If this is how other colleagues in office feel, what holds for the future of my department at work place. We will talk about it next writeup.
All reader, please pray and wish for my department as there are about 150 souls suffering with no doctor/surgeon to attend to. After this do pray for my personal physical well being.

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